Finding Answers in Life

Finding Answers in life. 

Isaiah 55:1-12

“So will My word be which goes forth from my mount; It will not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”


            People today are unsatisfied with life.  We are searching for answers and solutions to our challenges but seem to find only more questions.  We look for answers to our country's issues and find only more problems. So where do we turn for answers?

            In Isaiah 55, God invites us to come to him to find fulfillment, mercy, and the answers we desperately seek.  Not only does he ask us to go to him, but he also promises to give us all that we need in life without any cost on our part.  He desires to give us freely what we long to obtain—the hope and salvation he offers.  In the search to find satisfaction in life, there is only one source: God himself.  Material possession leaves us unsatisfied. Wealth becomes worthless.  But when we come to God, we find abundance.  

            We discover the delight and joy of life by obeying and listening to his commands.  In verses 2 and 3, he appeals to listen to him.   We are to seek him rather than pursue human wisdom because his thoughts are far beyond our thoughts (vs. 8).   The tragedy is that we often devalue God’s word because it does not align with our perspective.  When God’s morality conflicts with our new morality, we reject God for man's opinions. However, God's word is always accurate, but our perspective is corrupted by sin.  His understanding is infinite; ours is finite. His acts in perfect wisdom; we act in the self-deception of our own folly.  To live by faith is to recognize that his thoughts and ways are infinitely greater than ours, and he sees all things perfectly.  He knows every outcome of every possible decision and the best way to achieve that outcome.

Conversely, we do not know the outcome of any decision.  When we set a course of action, we have no idea of the outcome and are powerless to achieve it.  Circumstances and events happen outside our control that alters the course of our life and the plans we make. As a result, we make decisions without any assurance that the decisions will obtain a positive outcome.

            But this is not true with God.  His word, purpose, and decisions accomplish exactly what he intended.  When he makes a decree, it will be completed.  In verse 11, we are reminded that his Word will always be fulfilled and proven true.  Therefore, we are to trust in his word.  When his word conflicts with our viewpoint, instead of conforming his word to us, we conform our life to his word. 

            When following his word, we will experience joy in life.  Instead of turmoil, we will experience peace.  Instead of failure and frustration, we will experience success and fulfillment.  We will shout for joy, and all creation will rejoice with us. 



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