God's Knowledge and Our Fears

God’s Knowledge and our Fear.

Matthew 10:24-31

“So do not fear….are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.”


            Matthew 10:29-30 is often quoted about God’s infinite knowledge of us. God is so involved in our lives and intimately acquainted with every detail of our existence that he even knows the number of hairs upon our heads.  However, in rightfully affirming this truth, we often miss the context in which it is written.  In the verses that lead up to this wonderful affirmation, Christ warns that if we live as his disciples and publicly affirm our allegiance to him, we will face persecution, rejection, and ridicule.  As a result, we can allow fear to begin to silence our witness.  Instead of being bold, we will become timid and fearful.

            Today, we live in a culture of fear.  When people are fearful, they begin to become reactive.  They look for something or someone to look to for security and hope.  They see those with whom they disagree as a threat.  We see this on every topic today.  No matter what view people have about the environment, political parties, morality, etc., they are fearful of those who disagree. 

            In response to this culture of fear, Christ gives his disciples a different perspective.  Instead of being paralyzed by fear so that we become silent in our witness, we are to recognize God’s knowledge and control of the universe.  He not only knows all events that happen in our lives, down to the smallest detail, but he also deeply cares about us.  Because he is watchful over our lives and knows every event that happens, we can rest in his sovereign control of the universe.  Instead of fear, we can live out our faith boldly and confidently, even in severe and deadly persecution.  In verse 26, God affirms that he knows all things and that he has determined all things.  Everything that happens is according to his divine plan. Because he knows all things and determines our eternal destiny, we no longer need to fear persecution and trials in the present.  We do not need to fear anyone who might threaten us in the present because our Father places such a high value on us and has assured us of eternal life.  Therefore, anything that others might do to us, even to the point of death, is insignificant compared to the eternal life he has in store for us.  We are not to allow the present adversity to cloud our eternal perspective.

            Because of God’s providential care and the fact that he determines our eternal destiny, we no longer need to live in fear.  No matter how much the world around us may seem insecure and threatening, we have the assurance that our eternal home is secure.  We can have confidence and boldness to proclaim his message.

            What is causing you anxiety and apprehension today?  What brings fear in your life?  If you are a disciple of Christ, you have God’s divine assurance that he knows all events in your life and that nothing you are facing today threatens where you will spend eternity tomorrow.  As a result, you can live with hope, confidence, and peace, for God is the one who sustains and watches over you, even to the point of knowing the number of hairs on your head.  


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