God's Value System

God’s Value System Part 1

Matthew 19:13-15

“Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


            The disciples were disturbed.  Their busy day, filled with interruptions, was now being interrupted by children.  Their schedule was filled with what they considered important activities.  They were in discussions with the rich, the influential, and the powerful.  The reader should notice that the interruption of the children was in the middle of Jesus interacting with the Pharisees.  They were the spiritual and religious leaders.  They were men of significant influence over the people.  If Jesus were to gain the following necessary to establish his kingdom, they would need them as part of the team.  Following his interaction with the Pharisees, Jesus interacted with a rich young ruler.  He was one of the social elite and powerful.  He was the type of person the disciples wanted to connect with to gain his influence as well.  But Children had nothing to offer.  They were unimportant.  They had no influence.  So we can see why the disciples were frustrated with these clamoring children, and so they rebuked the parents for bringing them to Jesus.  If we were honest, we would have sided with the disciples.  In a world where connections and careers determine our success, we do not have time for what we deem insignificant.

            When Jesus sees their actions, he responds, not by r rebuking the parents, but by rebuking the disciples.  Instead of the children being an interruption, Jesus makes them a priority.  He again reiterates that in order to be a part of his kingdom, we need to be like children.  We must set aside our pride and desires for success and recognize that we have nothing to offer in God's kingdom.  All our accomplishments, connections, and success have no value.  To participate in Christ's kingdom, we need to be like a child who brings nothing to offer besides simple faith and trust in Jesus.  The kingdom is not for the rich and powerful but for people who are like these children, people who recognize their need for God’s protection and activity.           

            In this event, we discover a key to unlocking God’s value system.  God is not impressed with our accomplishments.  He is not impressed by our financial portfolio or our recognition by others.  We come to Christ with nothing but the simple desire to receive his blessing.  In God’s value, it is not what we bring to God but what he brings to us.  Faith begins when we recognize our salvation is unmerited and unworthy. When we come with nothing we discover that God will give us everything.



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