Book: The Lighthouse: Daily Devotionals on the Attributes of God.


The Lighthouse: Discovering Security in the Radiance of God's Character 

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    While the sailor had a lighthouse to guide them in turbulent

storms, what is the lighthouse to guide us when our lives are

assailed by a tempest threatening our well-being? Where do we

turn to find hope and direction when life becomes an

uncontrollable storm? The lighthouse that serves to guide and

protect us, giving direction and perspective in confusing times,

is the character and being of God.

    In these daily devotionals, you are invited to explore the

multi-faceted nature of God to discover hope and joy in a

chaotic world. Filled with rich theology, Biblical reflection, and

practical application, these daily devotionals enable you to

search the depth of God’s character to give you hope in

troubled times, and enrich your worship of God.

The purpose of these daily devotionals is to not just know

about God but to change our whole outlook on life by finding

our delight in him. When he becomes our delight, we learn to

rejoice in every circumstance.


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